Unique Bulk Candle Jars With Wooden Lids

Normally people are buying candle jars in bulk because of its uses. These candle jars are reusable and have a very lasting lifespan. They can be used on various occasions and leave very gentle and mind-blowing fragrances. A candle jar is also a good option to give someone as a gift with full customization. They enhance the look of the study table, dressing table, or even presentable enough to decorate living rooms and office areas.

There is a high demand for unique bulk candle jars because of the stylish look and high in demand in-home applications.

Different Types Of Candle Jars

Amber candle jars

One of the most highly demanded and available at the bulk candle jars quantity. These candle jars are fully customizable and available in a variety of colors and different printing labels.

Frosted candle jars

The jars are technically the same like the glass jars but the outer side is quite different and frosted which makes it difficult to see the inside wax color.

Black candle jars

Made of solid glass material with bamboo/wooden lid to make an amazing combination. These candle jars have 3 wick soy wax inside with mesmerizing fragrances.

Transparent candle jars

These candle jars are available with the customization option of color wax and label. You can also find soy wax inside 100% with a variety of fragrances including red rose, chime, lily, and many more.

Glass candle jars

The glass candle jars have 100% soya wax plus cartoon wix inside with different fragrances including lavender, blue bell, rose, freesia, and english pear.

Uses Of Candle Jars


The biggest use of candle jars is in the churches. As you can see there are tons of candle jars in many churches. Some people use candle jars for praying as they are supportable and easy to handle in the hand.


One of the greatest ways to decorate an entire wedding area is to use candle jars with mesmerizing fragrances like lavender, white rose, lily, and many more. No wedding is completed without candles, and placing single candles without jars could be dangerous and doesn’t look so appealing at all. That’s why people are collecting bulk candle jars to use on different occasions.

Home decoration

Candle jars can be a good option to decorate your home. They leave a fine and refreshing fragrance that could make your home liveable and full of positive vibes. Having a candle jar inside your kitchen area can make your kitchen smell so good (however, make sure to make a distance between stove and candles).


Collecting bulk candle jars are one of the most reliable and reasonable options for candle lovers who are always mad in searching for a variety of candle jars. A bundle package of candle jars can offer different fragrances candles in one package. Now decorate your home and office area with personable fragrances through candle jars that are also available with a covering lid for flame burning protection. Bulk candle jars with unique designs and amazing smell.



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